Out-of-Home Respite Initiative for Children Who are Medically Fragile and Technologically Dependent

The Out of Home Respite Program provides respite and recreational services for children aged 0 to 18, who are medically fragile and technologically dependent.

The program is designed to support the child outside of the family’s home, whether they use the recreational component or the family respite residence. In order to be eligible for the service, children must meet the following criteria:

  • The child must require constant supervision and/or monitoring such as ongoing support for the activities of daily living (i.e. Feeding, self-care, toileting, communication, mobility;
  • Medical decision making or judgement is required such as PRN suctioning ventilation;
  • specialized skills are required in order to meet the needs of the child.

Qualified staff are trained to meet the various needs of the children as well as providing them with meaningful experiences in the areas of recreation, socialization and self-help skills.

Allocation of hours for the recreational program and days for the respite home are based on funding and client demand. For the recreational program, the family is provided with the funding to hire their own worker.

Benefits to the Individual and Family
The family is provided with short-term respite/support that is essential in terms of maintaining the family unit. The program helps the family to continue caring for the child at home. This short-term respite enables the family to have personal quality time while knowing their child is well cared for.

The Recreational Program also provides the parent with short-term respite, while providing the child with the opportunity to participate in community activities.

Families can utilize the respite hours or days to meet their needs (i.e. weekends, summer, evenings, etc.) depending on availability of openings.

The Next Step
Children are referred to this program via the Community Care Access Centre, other professionals or by parents.