Family Relief Program for Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities

The Family Respite Program provides short-term relief in the Centre’s respite home to children and adults who are developmentally challenged.

The Family Respite Home is situated in the city of Cornwall. In the late summer of 2002, our newly purchased and renovated respite home will be located at 126 Gloucester Street. This new residence will enable us to care for up to six individuals at one time. While the family/caregiver benefits from this service, the child/adult enjoys involvement in community activities, recreational outings, crafts, games, etc. Group and individual activities are provided. Qualified staff are trained to meet the various needs of the children/adults as well as providing them with meaningful experiences in the areas of recreation, socialization and self-help skills.

The main focus of this respite service is to meet the needs of the individual’s natural family.

There is a nominal user fee for this respite service of $5.00 per night and $3.00 per day.

Benefits to the Individual and Family
The family is provided with short-term respite which enables them to have personal quality time while knowing their son or daughter is well cared for. The program also permits them to spend time with their other children, family members, etc. It also provides them with an opportunity to rest and relax.

The Next Step
Referrals for the Family Respite Program are processed by the Centre’s Intake Clerk. Please contact the Centre at (613) 937-3072 to find out more.