Family Home Program

The Family Home Program is an alternative option to group home living by offering a family setting. The Family Home Program was set-up in response to the trend towards de-institutionalization of developmentally challenged adults across the province. The Family Home Program serves individuals who are 18 years of age and older.

Each family will go through an initial screening process which includes a home study, criminal reference check as well as a fire inspection and an environmental review of the home. Each Family Home Provider is financially compensated for the care they provide to the individual they have accepted into their home as a family member. In addition, they will receive funds for the individual’s personal needs. The families involved with the program are provided with ongoing support and supervision from Centre staff. It is hoped that the commitment will be long-term.

Benefits to the Individual and Family
The developmentally challenged individual will be provided with the opportunity to be a valued family member. The individual will benefit from the ongoing support and nurturing from a family. The individual will have the opportunity to be involved in his/her community. The human rights of the individual will be safeguarded by the involvement of Centre staff via advocacy. The needs of the individual will be monitored on an ongoing basis through case management.

The Family Home Program is an option for the natural family should they be unable to continue caring for their son/daughter while still remaining involved.

The program provides families the opportunity to share their homes and give of themsevles for a cause who’s worth cannot be measured.

The Next Step
If an individual or family wishes to become a Family Home Provider, they need to contact the Centre and speak to the Coordinator of Residential Services who will initiate the process.

All client referrals for the Family Home Program are processed by the Centre’s Intake Clerk.