Clinical Services

The Centre’s Clinical Services provide the following to children and adults who are developmentally challenged:

  • psychological assessments;
  • therapy and counselling – i.e. (individual, group, family, couple, anger management, grief counselling, counselling relating to sexuality, abuse, etc.);
  • behavioral consultations for parents/caregivers ;
  • staff development/workshops.

Benefits to the Individual and Family
The benefits to the child/adult are:

  • through psychological testing, the individual’s eligibility will be established for the Centre’s services (under the age of 18). The psychological assessment also determines the level of functioning while identifying the areas of strengths and weaknesses in the following domains; socialization, communication, daily living skills, and motor skills.
  • through counselling/therapy, individuals and families will benefit from the support and coping strategies provided.
  • through behavioral consultations, the family/caregivers will be provided with strategies in parenting a child with special needs or caring for an adult with special needs.

The Next Step
Referrals for Clinical Services are processed by the Centre’s Intake Clerk. Please contact the Centre at (613) 937-3072 to find out more.