Child and Adolescent Services Program

The Child and Adolescent Services Program provides support services for children (0 to 18) who are developmentally challenged and their families/caregivers or children (0 to 5) who are at risk of developmental delay.

Benefits to the Individual and Family
The child and family will benefit from the following:

  • functional assessment of the child;
  • direct early intervention of all developmental domains (gross and fine motor, social and emotional, adaptive functioning, language and cognitive);
  • interventions to promote attachment;
  • assistance in accessing specialized funding and information about additional community resources, supports and other professional or alternative services;
  • assistance in obtaining information about the child’s condition or diagnosis;
  • support for families who receive a diagnosis of developmental delay or medical condition;
  • advocacy for and with families in their relationship with health, social and community services;
  • sharing information about typical and atypical child development;
  • play-based program plan.

The family/caregiver will benefit from support and the child will benefit from “hands on” interventions. These services are provided in their own environment.

The Next Step
Referrals for the Child and Adolescent Services Program are processed by the Centre’s Intake Clerk. Please contact the Centre at (613) 937-3072 to find out more.