Vision, Mission and Values


Providing quality family-centred services while promoting individuality


To provide:

  • Specialized supports to help our clients reach their potential
  • Education to the community at large to promote social inclusion
  • Services and information in both English and French

For the benefit of our clients, including:

  • Children and adults who have an Intellectual Disability
  • Children (0-6) at risk of a developmental delay
  • Eligible children who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Eligible children who have a physical disability
  • Families, caregivers, agencies and the general public within the counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, the City of Cornwall and Cornwall Island


Stormont Dundas Glengarry Developmental Services Centre embraces the following Values and acts on them, with integrity, in all that it does:


  • We foster opportunities to enhance and maintain quality of life while respecting the dignity and rights of the individual.
  • We foster a work environment that is multi-disciplinary, creative and based on professional ethics.


  • We provide equal opportunities and choices to encourage community participation while respecting individual preferences.


  • We provide compassionate, non-judgmental, and culturally sensitive services and supports.
  • We encourage personal strengths, promote independence and build on individual potential.
  • We respect individual needs and decisions while supporting family diversity.
  • We appreciate and respect the ongoing contribution of our staff and volunteers.2